Interview with Kevin SU, COO of MeatFinder


Interview with Kevin SU, COO of MeatFinder
  • Kevin, could you tell us about your previous experience and how will be your role in MeatFinder?

I had worked at GMC Manufactures for 19 years since I graduated, where I witnessed the growth of the company and the growth of eCommerce in China both B2B and B2C, at home and abroad.

My second job was at JDCloud,, the preferred shopping platform for home and life in China and the most important food B2C platform. As a regional director in Fuqing, Fujian Province, I led the team to cooperate with the local government, to boost the development of a Food Industry Park, which implement JD’s abilities of e-commerce (retail), logistics, supply-chain, technologies and big data to the local industries, to enable the new growth of the local food manufacturers, traders and wholesalers.

Now on MeatFinder, our plan is to develop new projects in short and long term in order to increase its presence in the Chinese market and be able to supply the chinese demand with different options of animal protein from all over the world.

  •  How do you see the digital influence in the B2B in China?

The B2B platform in China has experienced three Phases, now it is on the way to the platform as the B-end Infrastructure.

The initial model intended to connect supply and demand through information online, however the transactions were made offline. The second phase was combined by the manpower matchmaking and internet, logistics, capital flow and technology flow integrated into an organic whole, created to meet the needs of online transactions between enterprises. The third phase provide a series of high value-added services including warehousing, financial credit and big data analysis for both parties to build a full ecosystem that provides services for enterprises, accelerates the efficiency of circulation and reduce costs.

  • Do you intend to expand our digital presence in China?

Yes. There are many available tools in China that can help MeatFinder to expand its digital presence. We are going to work with Creative Contents, SEO, Social Media, Entire Case Marketing, Branding & PR, Event Marketing, KOL Marketing, e-Platform.

  • Can we expect something new for MeatFinder?

Of course we can. We know that Meatfinder already provides an Internet tool to all the distributors, so that they sell their products to their own small business partners. It is really great, however we aim to keep improving more and more. Our goal is to improve our B2B platform identifying the needs of the meat market in China and creating an organic environment to exceed the expectation of our public.

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