JBS: Worldwide Leader in Food Industry,adopting strict protocols and control measures


JBS: Worldwide Leader in Food Industry,adopting strict protocols and control measures

Regarding the food safety, the most important topic nowadays due to the COVID-19, JBS works to protect food from contamination by agents that may occur in the production chain, ensuring the compliance with pre-established standards on food characteristics and performance. The company meets specifications from the industry, customers and consumers, striving for product standardization.

The animals come from livestock breeders and JBS encourages its suppliers to implement best practices, also uses specially adapted vehicles to transport animals from farms to factories, based on animal welfare guidelines. The production occurs is in accordance with the strict quality and animal welfare standards and has a special system to properly warehouse and distribute its products to ensure their quality remains unaffected. 

In order to maintain its operations with the utmost safety in this period of COVID-19, JBS adopted strict protocols and control measures on its plans, distribution centers, stores and offices to guarantee the maximum prevention. The company intensified the sanitization and disinfection of all common areas, the temperature control is mandatory when accessing the company, hand sanitizer is offered in all places with transit of people, mandatory use of masks and hired a specialized medical consulting firm, among other measures that are crucial to guarantee the safety of their employees and the quality of their product.

A Brazilian multinational company, JBS S.A. is one of the worldwide food industry leaders and currently one of the biggest suppliers of high-quality beef. Headquartered in Sao Paulo, the Company is present in 15 countries. The Friboi Business Unit owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands, Friboi, Brazil’s market leader. With focus on value-added products, Friboi offers a broad portfolio to meet the demands of consumers from domestic and foreign markets, and uses the most modern technologies in the food industry. Currently, Friboi has 35 beef processing units, three feedlots, 26 distribution centers, and seven processed food units.

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